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Cleaning Firm 'Flamingo' Generously Sanitises Public Spaces All Over Ayrshire for Free

This business has been spraying chemicals on the main public spaces of towns all over Ayrshire to help keep our public spaces clean and free of the Coronavirus and other germs.

Ayrshire business Flamingo Exterior Cleaning have been out and about doing their bit since the UK entered lockdown.

They have been tackling main public spaces that could be carrying germs such as the coronavirus.

Speaking with Ayrshire Daily News, Robin Barclay, one of the directors of the business said:

"Flamingo Exterior Cleaning is an exterior cleaning company based in Ayr which provides a range of services such as window cleaning, wheelie bin cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, graffiti removal etc - throughout Ayrshire. "As a company, we always try to give back to the communities in which we work. This normally takes the form of charitable work, litter picking, sponsoring initiatives or clubs.

"As the current crisis unfolded, Malcolm and I (both directors) felt it was a natural step, for a company that already provides sanitation services and has the chemicals in stock to provide free sanitisation to the most vulnerable places in our community. We have dedicated time and equipment for three of our fleet to provide this service across Ayrshire.

"We have regularly disinfected places such as Ayr, Kilmarnock & Irvine town centre as well as care homes, nursing homes, train stations and other towns. We target areas of high human interaction such as handrails, bins, handles, seating and buttons. The chemical solution we use is sodium hypochlorite in accordance with guidelines set out by W.H.O. on sanitising exterior surfaces for Coronavirus.

"Whilst we will never know how many people have been prevented from contracting the virus, we believe that if we have prevented just one case, it will all have been worth it. "The feedback we have received since we started disinfecting these areas has been incredible. We have been completely humbled by the amount of support and kind words we have received from both members of the public and from other businesses.

"We didn't think for a second that our story would be broadcast on live television around the world as well as being printed in many national newspapers. "As with most companies, the current crisis has had a serious effect. We have put in place stringent health & safety policies which have allowed us to continue services whilst keeping both staff and clients free of risk. "I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the public for their amazing gestures and support, to all key workers putting themselves at risk to help us and to all other businesses who have pulled together to support the community."

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