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New "Fresh Local & Wild" cafe welcome Mossgiel Farm onboard

Mossgiel Farm is perfect for Ayr’s new concept cafe & Foodhall "Fresh Local & Wild" in 15:17

Today sees local producers invited to showcase their products and to supply a new cafe and foodhall which is making it's way to Ayr’s High street.

Fresh Local & Wild promises a new standard in locally produced products, to bring to you the freshest and the best and to enhance the public awareness of the wonderful array of quality products that Ayrshire has to offer.

We caught up with the FLW team as they welcomed companies from all walks if life from milk, bread, meat, vegetables, baked goods and a host of local producers of jams, chutneys, cheese and lots more.

FLW will welcome suppliers to come along today to the upstairs cafe in the 15:17 Department store in High street Ayr today.

The new cafe will also have a fabulous food Hall attached allowing you to browse and take home with you the very best of Ayrshire produce.

The revamping of the upstairs cafe at the 1517 department store in High street Ayr will start within the next two weeks with minimum disturbance to existing business and are delighted to welcome Mossgiel Farm as their main supplier of the best milk in Ayrshire.

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