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Fullarton Cafe in Ayr is opening it's doors to homeless on Christmas day

THE Ayr cafe will open its doors to the needy and homeless or anyone who feels alone, on Christmas day, to give free soup, sandwich and tea or coffee.

Cafe Fullarton, located on Fullarton Street next to Ayr bus station posted to Facebook on Saturday saying: "We are opening Christmas Day from 12pm until 2pm to offer a free soup and sandwich, tea and coffee, to the homeless the needy or just anyone feeling a little lonely and would like some company! Feel free to join us!!"

Since posting the special message on Saturday, the status on Facebook has gone viral and reached out to thousands of people who are liking & sharing it, one commented: "This has reached Orlando, Florida I love the kindness and compassion which feeds the human spirit."

Locals have even asked if the cafe would like anything donated.

Another person said: "You are doing such a nice thing. I live over the border, but a friend of mine lives near you. I have sent her some money and she is going to buy you some bits and drop them off for me. I hope your guests have a nice time. You are special people."

Ayrshire Daily News urges anyone who may be feeling alone or is homeless and needs somewhere and someone, to visit Cafe Fullarton on Christmas Day from 12pm until 2pm.

Well done Cafe Fullarton from the Ayrshire Daily News, we hope everyone has a great Christmas.

The Cafe also commented: "Thanks to Kevin and Bobby from Forum Fruit and Veg who are donating the vegetables for the free soup! They are outside in all weathers bringing great quality fruit and veg at best prices! Lovely guys!"

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