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Girvan Lifeboat rescues paddleboarder in difficulty

At 11:08am Monday 3rd May, the pagers of Girvan's volunteer crew were activated by Belfast Coastguard Operations Control Centre in response to 999 calls of a paddleboarder in distress.

With the weather worsening due to the incoming poor weather front, Girvans all-weather lifeboat was launched and made best speed North to Culzean Bay area, also tasked were Girvan Coastguard Rescue Team and SAR helicopter Rescue 199 from Prestwick.

Once on scene with tricky conditions, poor visibility and gusts to 46mph a thorough search was carried out by the Lifeboat and SAR helicopter, the casualty was soon located approximately 3 miles offshore and the lifeboat crew recovered the casualty and paddleboard from the water and onto the lifeboat, where the casualty was assessed by our casualty care trained crew.

Girvan Lifeboat after liaising with Coastguard Rescue 199 then returned to Girvan with the casualty, while the then made its way back to base at Prestwick.

On return to Girvan after further first aid provided by our crew as well as monitoring observations for a time after returning, it was deemed no further medical attention was required, we were happy to hand the casualty back into the care of family members, with appropriate advice given.

Girvan Lifeboat was then made ready for the next service call.

We would take this opportunity to remind the public they should always have a means of calling for help and that the conditions are suitable for undertaking your watersports or activity prior to departure, you can find further advice using the link below.


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