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Goudie on tour as Tam o’ Shanter comes to the McKechnie in Girvan

A selection of Alexander Goudie's celebrated Tam o' Shanter paintings are coming to South Carrick.

11 of the larger than life pictures, telling the tale of the Robert Burns character's famous ride home, are now on display in the McKechnie Institute.

This is a golden opportunity to see these iconic paintings, part of the South Ayrshire Collection, up close and personal and all for free. The compelling narrative series, beautifully realised by Goudie, was the culmination of a lifetime’s experience and observation as a painter.

The collection is of such importance to the heritage of Scotland that in 1999 a consortium of three benefactors, The Fraser Foundation, the TB Hunter Charitable Trust, and The Souter Foundation saved the collection from being split up, and in partnership with South Ayrshire Council brought them home to Ayrshire.

The official opening of the Goudie exhibition takes place at The McKechnie Institute in Girvan on Friday, 16 March 2018 at 2pm. The free exhibition runs until Sunday, 17 June.

For more details visit the website.


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