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Grass roots restoration takes Ayr Esplanade back to its former glory

A project to reinstate badly eroded verges along Ayr Esplanade is breathing fresh life into the area. South Ayrshire Council has restored the embankment along the raised walkway, with tall grass now knitting the soil together and protecting Low Green from the unpredictable weather blowing in from the beach.

In recent years, the one mile stretch of grass verge between Pavilion Road and Blackburn Drive has been cut away by strong winds, storms, and sand being blown in from the coast, with some sections having been driven back by several feet.

In the first phase of the restoration project the worst affected parts along the stretch from the play area to midway along Low Green have now been restored, with fresh earth packed-in along the boundary, and with long Marram grass, commonly found in sand dunes, planted to help knit the soil together, protecting the boundary.

Mike Newall, South Ayrshire Council's Head of Neighbourhood Services said the work would help protect the area for years to come, "Ayr beach remains a popular place in the summer months, but fierce winds and shifting sands have eroded the verge over time.

"To protect the area in the years ahead we've created a new boundary along the esplanade and planted durable beach grass, helping to bond the earth together.

"This sustainable method to reinstate the front also offers protection against Ayrshire's sometimes challenging weather, and means we'll soon see the embankment restored to its former glory."

This is another sustainable project from South Ayrshire Council which was recently recognised for its restoration work, with the Troon Dune Restoration programme having won a number of awards in 2016, including the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee's 'Best waste minimisation or prevention project' award.


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