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Gymnastics team tumbles to the top

A gymnastics festival was held recently for 70 pupils from five local secondary schools.

The festival, which was part of the Council’s Competitive School Sports Calendar, was organised by Vibrant Communities in partnership with Ayrshire Gymnastics Club.

20 gymnasts from Ayrshire Gymnastics Club opened the event with a spectacular display before teams from Auchinleck, Cumnock, James Hamilton, St Joseph’s (who entered two teams) and Stewarton Academies took to the floor.

The teams competed in four categories, individual equipment, team equipment, individual floor and team floor. They were scored on strict criteria including presentation, best use of music and synchronicity.

The teams were very close throughout the competition but Stewarton Academy stretched their lead in the final round to clinch first place.

The gymnastics festival is a great example of the school to community sport pathway, with some of the gymnasts who participated in the festival now progressing on to a gymnastics club.

The Competitive Sports Calendar promotes the principles of sportscotland’s ‘Positive Coaching Scotland’ framework and helps to ensure that young athletes are offered the chance to participate in competitions. Each school is awarded placing points and receive extra points for fair play, encouraging teammates and opposition to ensure that the atmosphere is positive and is a great experience for all involved.

The Calendar is the perfect platform to teach young people about courage, effort and resilience through participation in sport.

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