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Has your iPhone gone wonky in the last few days? It could be something to do with Facebook

IPHONE users have been complaining that their phones have gone a bit wonky after updating facebook.

Some iPhones are reportedly crashing, rebooting and getting stuck with the Apple logo.

The social media giant released an update for their mobile app on October 20. And it seems the issue is affecting devices around the world, with several threads dedicated to the problem on the Apple support forums.

Users have been taking to the Apple forums

The issue has affected iPhone SE and iPhone 6S users.

When the crash happens to an iPhone, it requires the device to be restored from iTunes before it can be used again.

Experts say users should plug the device into a Mac or PC with iTunes through a USB cable, and follow the steps.

While it’s a fairly straightforward fix, there’s a chance pictures and other data can be lost if the device hasn’t been backed up.

Apple and Facebook did not respond to a request for more information.


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