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Heathfield owners buy Kyle Centre cinema development - It's game on

NEW owners of the Kyle Centre in Ayr are to come forward as the people behind Heathfield Retail Park.

Plans to build a seven screen cinema complex had fallen through since it was given the green light by the Council last year.

This doesn't mean it's the end of the road for the town's brand new cinema complex, as Ediston Retail Park, owners of Heathfield Industrial Estate, were lining up a deal last week for the multi-million pound leisure facilites.

Ediston, have put in more than £10million to it's Heathfield retail park, in a bid to bring more big names. The park who will see Marks & Spencers move in very soon, after its build is complete, say they are the proven ones to bring this to the table.

The big name behind the retail park has a great name with South Ayrshire Council and say they have always put money into Ayr from the moment they entered.

The original plans were announced in 2013, to have a 1050 seat multi-complex cinema and 10 food and drink units. However, it fell through as property firm Squarestone who bought the centre and Arran Mall in a £5million deal, were left trying to find a big name cinema operator after 18 MONTHS.

Ediston are now ready to try and get the deal on to help boost Ayr.

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