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Improved beachfront facility opens ahead of the busy summer season

Tens of thousands of people using Ayr Beach this summer will benefit from expect significantly improved facilities.

South Ayrshire Council has completed the first of two extensive upgrades to public conveniences in the town.

To help manage day-to-day costs a 30p charge is being introduced.

The sparkling new Pink cubicles - Blackburn Drive following its recent refurbishment

A £400,000 contract was signed earlier this year to carry out work to refurbish facilities at Blackburn Drive by the beach and Arthur Street in central Ayr.

Work has now been completed at Blackburn Drive which will reopen to the public on Saturday 23rd April 2016, with Arthur Street expected to re-open in early May 2016.

The work for Blackburn Drive involved a complete overhaul of the existing facilities with improvements including: new windows and roof, rewiring, external foot showers for beach goers, baby changing facilities, new toilet and sink fixtures, sanitary fittings, floor coverings, and general decoration.


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