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Inflatable unicorn sparks emergency callout


The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team was called out for the second time this evening following reports of a large inflatable being blown out to sea near Seamill.

The callout came just before 7pm and the team responded immediately to the scene with reports of possible persons being onboard the inflatable toy.

Largs Lifeboat was also launched to assist and began proceeding to the scene. Once the team arrived at Seamill, they were able to spot the inflatable toy and could confirm there were no persons with it however it was still being blown further out to sea.

Largs Lifeboat was diverted to another incident in Largs with a passing vessel offering their assistance in collecting the inflatable toy, which transpired to be yet another unicorn.

The passing vessel was proceeding to Ardrossan harbour with the team meeting the vessel within the marina and taking possession of the inflatable unicorn which sparked the emergency response.

We continue to plead with the public to leave these inflatable toys and boats at home. They are not designed for use at sea or at the coast. In the past four weeks the team has responded to a considerable number of inflatable-related callouts which has seen over seven people being rescued by Coastguard Rescue Teams and Lifeboats.

Fortunately tonight's incident did not involve any persons at risk however it did require an emergency response from both Coastguard Rescue Teams and an RNLI lifeboat - putting further lives at risk.

We don't want to keep repeating ourselves but it seems the message just isn't being understood - these inflatables toys and boats are putting lives at risk and are not suitable for use at the coast - please leave them at home.

Our thanks to the passing vessel for their assistance in recovering this evening's unicorn and ultimately avoiding further callouts.

Search and Rescue - it's what we do.

In a coastal, beach or cliff emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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