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Kilmarnock bus station improvement scheme

East Ayrshire council have announced plans to change the look of Kilmarnock Bus Station.

The plans include 

Better and wider range of seating 

new automatic glass door

comple redesign including glass structure 

new indoor area and travel shop

modern feel and safer environment 

East Ayrshire council have commissioned Smith Findlay Architects to undertake a feasibility study into the potential upgrade of the access arrangements, concourse, waiting room and facilities at Kilmarnock Bus Station. 

They have prepared a range of proposals. 

East Ayrshire Council have now opened this consultation to ask for your feedback, ideas and comments on these propsals. 

East Ayrshire Council are also currently running a consultation on proposals for the redevelopment of four key areas of Kilmarnock Town Centre. 

Below are some pictures of the plans And the link to consultation! 

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