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Loanhead Primary School reopens

A new, very exciting chapter for Loanhead Primary School opened this morning with the return of children and young people.

Following an extensive renovation and building programme, which began in October 2019, the 116-year-old school has been modernised, with new toilets installed on all levels, a lift has been installed within the school atrium, and a new single-storey Early Childhood Centre for 42 children has been built that features light, bright and modern flexible dining and activity areas. A fully glazed link connects the primary school with the extension.

The former janitor’s house, which was latterly the school kitchen and dining hall, has been refurbished to provide accommodation for the PEACE Group, which provides breakfast and after school clubs.

This £4.15m project, which is part of an extensive investment programme in educational facilities across East Ayrshire, ensures that our youngest learners will benefit from modern, dedicated facilities providing 1140hours of early learning and childcare and that our children and young people are learning within an inclusive educational environment providing the best possible start to their educational journey.

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