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Man arrested for housebreaking in Ayr

In the early hours of Friday 21st April 2017, police responding to the report of a man acting suspiciously, arrested a 29 year old man in connection with an alleged theft by housebreaking at River Street, Ayr.  

Communities Inspector Jim Hendrie said: “This is a great example of how members of the public contacting us about suspicious behaviour can lead to the detection of someone intent on committing crime. Thanks to the prompt action of the public in contacting us, the man has also been linked to further crimes in the area including two alleged attempted breakins and two thefts. “I would encourage anyone who sees suspicious behaviour to get in touch with police, we would always rather be called and not needed than needed and not called.” For more information on keeping your property safe, contact your local Police Office for crime prevention advice or visit the 'Keep-Safe' pages of our website: 


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