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WATCH: Ayr Lad Playing Classic Dance Tunes at Central Station Goes Viral

A young lad from Ayr has snapped up over a quarter of a million views on a video of him playing some classing dance tunes in Glasgow's Central Station as commuters watch.

Max Munro from Ayr playing at Central Station in Glasgow

Max Munro, 16, from Ayr was in Glasgow for dinner and had half an hour to kill before his reservation, so he decided to get on the piano and bang out a few well-known anthems.

A man named Mark Abate, decided to film Max playing, and posted it to Facebook where it has gone viral, with thousands of views adding on each day. The video has already been viewed over a quarter of a million times.

Mark said: "All the best to the young boy, some talent!"

The Belmont Academy student says he has always been into music, specifically the guitar, but decided to broaden his horizons and asked his teacher, Miss Macmillan, if he could take a keyboard home to practice over this year's summer holidays.

Max said: "I never had the intention to learn anything classical or even the basics, I just wanted to get fired into the good stuff, I study Higher Music and got an A in my National 5, as well as a week in Ayrshire college studying Music Technology.

"Knowing that over a quarter of a million people have seen it is unreal, there was only 5 or 6 watching around me at the time but I’m glad I made a few peoples day a little bit brighter. I’d never have thought it would have been me to go viral but every time I see it I still have a laugh to myself and think of every person who’s been sitting on there couch bopping there heads to it."

Watch: Max brings the rave to Central Station.

Max hopes there will be more good to come from this and will continue to play at the Central Station in Glasgow whenever he gets the chance, although, he said he would do the same in Ayrshire if there was a spot with a public piano.

When asking what it feels like to play around hundreds of people passing by in the station, Max said: "I get shaky hands and the sweats but it all calms down when you turn around and see onlookers smiling and enjoying the 2-minute mission from the front doors to the platform."