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Number of confirmed cases of whooping cough infection in Ayrshire

NHS Ayrshire & Arran is aware of number of confirmed cases of whooping cough (pertussis) infection in Ayrshire.

Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the lungs and airways.

Lisa Davidson, NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Assistant Director for Public Health said:

“It is important to know the symptoms of whooping cough, which are repeated coughing bouts, vomiting or a whoop sound when the person draws breath once again. The cough may last for several weeks or months.” 

Whooping cough is spread when a person with the infection coughs or sneezes and is often treatable with antibiotics.

Small babies, particularly if under two months of age, but up to six months of age, may develop a more serious illness with whooping cough.

Please contact your GP practice or NHS 111 out of hours if you think that you or your child might have whooping cough. This is particularly important if there is a baby under six months of age in the household and somebody has symptoms of whooping cough; or if you are pregnant and have symptoms of whooping cough.

Lisa Davidson added:

“It can make babies under 6 months of age particularly ill.   However, whooping cough can be prevented with a vaccine that is offered routinely to all babies in the first year of life and a pre-school booster.

“If you think that your child has missed out on some of the whooping cough immunisations, please firstly contact your GP and ask to be referred into the non-routine vaccination service where an appointment will be issued.”

If your GP practice is unable to assist, please contact Child Health via:

  • For all school aged children call 01294 317271 or 01294 317262

  • For pre-school aged children call:

East Ayrshire call 01294 317263 or 01294 317262

North Ayrshire call 01294 317265 or 01294 317262

South Ayrshire call 01294 317268 or 01294 317262

If you are unsure if your child has missed any vaccinations and wish to enquire, please use the telephone numbers above.

Whooping cough vaccine is also offered routinely to all pregnant women at around 20 weeks pregnancy. If you think that you may have missed out on the vaccine during pregnancy, please contact your community midwife.


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