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Play Ayrshire Radio - Ayrshire Daily News Set to Launch Its Own DAB Radio Station

In an exciting development for media on the West Coast, Ayrshire Daily News has announced the upcoming launch of its very own digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio station, called Play Ayrshire Radio.

Our new DAB radio station, powered by Ayrshire Daily News, promises to offer a blend of entertainment, information, great music, engaging talk shows, and interactive phone-ins, catering to a wide range of listeners across the West Coast and beyond.

The station aims to provide round-the-clock entertainment and news, reinforcing ADN's commitment to delivering high-quality content to its audience.

We would like to thank our radio maestro Ian Taylor for staying and being part of us to help build Play Ayrshire Radio and take us on our journey with his team and experience.

Stay tuned for the official launch date, LIKE our Play Ayrshire Radio FB page and you could win 2 VIP tickets to the launch party.

Get ready to experience a dynamic and innovative radio service designed to entertain, inform, and engage listeners like never before.

Play Ayrshire Radio is coming to the West Coast of Scotland and beyond.


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