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Royal Air Force to fly in Ayrshire's skies for a whole week.

The Royal Air Force C130 aircraft will be a regular sight in the skies over Ayrshire and the West of Scotland as they take part in a weeks long exercise.

Exercise Tartan Spirit sees the two RAF C-130 Hercules aircraft from Brize Norton being based at Prestwick this week after arriving on Sunday afternoon.

The aircraft will be doing a whole range of training sorites including low flying, cargo drops by parachute, formation flying and using Prestwick Airports long runway to do a series of approching to land & immediately taking off again called touch & go in the aviation world.

The C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft is the workhorse of the RAF’s Air Transport (AT) fleet from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire & is operated by Nos 24, 30 and 47 Squadrons. The fleet comprises a mixture of C-130K C1/C3 and C-130J C4/C5 aircraft.


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