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Scotland 'will not return to normal' when pubs reopen says FM Nicola Sturgeon

FM Nicola Sturgeon has warned that Scotland will not return to normal when the current restrictions on pubs and restaurants expire later this month.

The rules are due to expire on 26 October but Nicola Sturgeon said this would not signal a return to normality. The ban on visiting other people's homes will also remain in place. And the Scottish government is to introduce a multi-tier system of alert levels similar to that now in force in England, which could potentially see venues in areas with coronavirus outbreaks remain closed.

FM Nicola Sturgeon Said:

"It is important to stress that given the ongoing challenge of Covid, that will not herald a return to complete normality. "The restrictions on household gatherings for example will remain in place until it is considered safe to ease them. "And more generally we intend to replace the temporary restrictions with a more strategic approach to managing the pandemic".


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