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South Ayrshire set for a bright Christmas thanks to new Council fund

Towns and villages across South Ayrshire are set to enjoy a brighter Christmas this year after South Ayrshire Council created a new fund to provide financial support for Christmas lights, where required.

Up to £60,000 will now be spent across the area – in line with identified local needs, aspirations and priorities – to make sure that towns and villages have the opportunity to show their festive spirit, bring people together and create an exciting event programme that will support the local economy.

Funding will be allocated on an ‘as needed’ basis following discussions with local communities.

Councillor Brian McGinley, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Tourism and Leisure, said:

“We fully recognise that the needs and wants of our various communities will differ from town to town and village to village, and that’s why we’re working to develop place plans that will ensure we invest in a way that makes a real difference at a local level.

“Our new fund will serve as a pre-cursor to this work by working with communities to ensure that we take account of identified local priorities and any work already underway at a local level to give an important boost to this year’s festive celebrations.

“We obviously have a finite amount of resources, so we know that we won’t be able to do everything that communities want right away, but it’s a terrific starting point that will support people and places right across South Ayrshire at this special time of year.

“It’s certainly going to be a bright Christmas!”


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