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Summer drink campaign launched by police - Leave the car st home when enjoying a drink!


Police in Ayrshire are warning drivers to leave their car at home when enjoying a drink during the summer months and to consider they may still be over the limit when driving the morning after.

Local officers are participating in the national two-week Summer Drink Drive Campaign which launched yesterday (Friday 29 June).

Over the next two weeks, roads policing and divisional officers will be conducting intelligence-led high visibility patrols and roadside checks to detect those driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Officers will also be looking out for early morning motorists that may still be under the influence from the night before.

Last year 5,791 drivers in Scotland were detected being over the limit. It was only slightly less than the previous year (5,887) but a high proportion of drivers are still putting themselves and others at risk of being killed or seriously injured. Police Scotland is committed to achieving the Scottish Government’s 2020 casualty reduction targets by tackling the risks associated with drink/drug driving.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams said: "For many of us, the holiday season is just about to start so if you’re heading out to socialise and will be drinking alcohol please consider ‘how am I going to get home?' Whether it’s walking, catching the bus or train or arranging to share a taxi, please keep your car keys in your pocket. Help us to keep our roads safe for everyone this summer."


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