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Trump protesters gear up for Turnberry rally later this month!

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump, will face the familiar sight of placards and protestors when he comes to Scotland later this month.

Trump the frontrunner for the Republican party ticket will be in the area to officially open his resort at Turnberry - or Trump Turnberry as it has become under his ownership.

(Image via Washington times)

The controversial businessman already had a difficult relationship with Scotland before his political aspirations, with well-publicised spats with then-First Minister Alex Salmond over offshore turbines near a Trump resort in Aberdeenshire.

The heat has since been turned up thanks to Trump's unrepentant views on everything from women and the disabled to bans on Mexicans and Muslims. Under the banner of Scotland against Trump, a range of groups, such as left umbrella organisation Rise, are preparing to take the protest to Turnberry on June 24.

They have issued a rallying call on their Facebook page, stating: "On June 24th, Donald Trump is coming to Scotland.

"There will be protest actions and demonstrations to coincide with his visit.

"There will be open planning meetings to organise. The aim is to bring together the broadest possible mobilisation against Trump reflecting the range of issues his possible presidency would bring to the fore."

However, not all anti-Trump comments are behind the plan.

One comment on the site said: "Much as I dislike the man and all he stands for, unfortunately I think Scotland needs his money, especially in Turnberry as there is a lot of unemployment in that area. Who else could afford to spend millions upgrading The Turnberry Hotel, it was very run down before he took it over.

Another points out that Trump has been dealing with protestors throughout his campaign.

They said: "Trump adores protesters and he thrives on attention. The best thing anyone can do to really get to him is completely ignore him, he hates that.

Protests can go on and people can surround him, but if everyone turned their back on him and kept quiet you would do more to him than any kind of protest. He thrives on attention and noise, don't give him that, give him silence and backs turned away from him - oh how he'll get angry and try to force people into debates and arguments, don't fall for it, ignore him. Don't give him what he wants!"

Meanwhile, Trump has ignored all of the threats so far, saying: "Very exciting that one of the great resorts of the world, Turnberry, will be opening today after a massive £200 million investment.

"I own it and I am very proud of it. I look forward to attending the official opening of this great development on June 24th."

Trump Turnberry has already reopened its doors to guests after a multimillion pound, eight-month restoration.

Despite the renovation of Turnberry’s Ailsa Championship golf course, the Royal and Ancient decided not to hold the 2020 British Open which is hosted by Royal Troon this year at Turnberry.


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