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Tsukure Hub protects the NHS with clear vision

It truly is a story of ingenuity, creativity and man's ability to come together in times of crisis.

The hub situated in Ayr High street specialises in 3d printing and laser cutting. But it's also their ability to solve design problems in a limited timescale which meant no sitting back for the team during the lockdown.

The team looked at many ways of solving the specialist protective visor so badly needed by our local hospitals to protect our NHS staff and have solved it with production starting today and on their way to local hospitals and care homes in Ayrshire.

With the kind donations of community members #HelpingFromHome they will continue to produce many more.

The complex is currently able to produce around 8,000 full-face guards per week and has looked at increasing the number of lasers and temporarily hosting them in their Community Art gallery.

Full-face protection headgear!

More information can be found;


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