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Two World Championships for Local Karate Club

Bujinkai Karate Club is based in Coylton, with classes in Dalmellington and Mossblown.

The local Ayrshire club

In June this year 10 students with three coaches joined the Scottish Karate Union and went to the Wukf World Championships in Slovakia.

39 students in total went as the Scottish Karate Union, and out of 83 different federations and over 2,000 competitors, the Scottish Karate Union came out at number 7 and number 1 of Scottish teams.

Ayrshire's very own Bujinkai Karate Club took home 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The 2 world champions were Mia Compton who won gold for the individual Nihon Kumite girls aged 10 section.

Chris Nicol walked away with gold in the adapted sensory impaired section - Chris is deaf and blind and needs the help of a guide.

Chris in the Adapted Section

Luke Mills, aged 13, walked away with 2 Silver for Kumite aged 13 boys. Luke was lucky to receive individual sponsorship from local company Strada Environmental Ltd to help him compete in competitions for the year.

Rose Moore and Mia Compton helped win silver in the girls Kumite team rotation section. Head Coach for the club, Lauren McPike won bronze in the senior female Kata section and finally Surraya Healey, who is the assistant Head Coach, won bronze in the Kumite Veteran section.

Head Coach Lauren McPike

This is a massive achievement for such a small club says Head Coach, Lauren.

Lauren told Ayrshire Daily News:

"It's just overwhelming the success that a club in Ayrshire have achieved such high standard in a world wide event. Placing 8th in the world with our federation is amazing. With 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze. I still have to pinch myself when i say that.

"It's helping create memories and opportunities for kids that will last a lifetime. It's the time and dedication from kids as young as 8 years-old, training multiple times a week to achieve the high standards that they have. Then going on to compete against the best in the world.

"It's really hard to put into words how i feel, it's just amazing. I think it will take a long time to come off cloud 9."


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