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UK leaders agree to relaxation of COVID rules over Christmas including THREE household bubble mixing

UK leaders including FM Nicola Sturgeon have agreed plans to relax some COVID rules over the Christmas period including removing the Travel ban and allowing 3 households to mix for a limited period over Christmas.

PIC - The Indian Express

Between 23 to 27 December, people will be able to meet with those two other households in their bubble - but only in a private home, a place of worship or outdoor public spaces.

Travel restrictions across the whole of the UK will also be lifted during the five-day period, allowing people to travel between countries or between tiers in order to meet with those in their bubble.

This means Christmas bubbles are unlikely to be able to meet in pubs, bars or restaurants.

FM Nicola Sturgeon issued the following statement of caution after the news was announced:

She stressed that "just because this can be done, it is not the case that people feel they should do it, if they don't have to".

"We're asking people to keep well within these limits, because there is a risk to households coming together," she added.

"And, therefore, if you can feel you can get through this Christmas without seeing other people - or if you can see people for one day and not across five days - then try to limit your interaction."

She added that it was "very clear" that a three-household bubble was "fixed" for the five-day period.


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