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Vandalism to Girvan Harbour toilets costs council over £1,000 to repair

South Ayrshire Council are looking for anyone to come forward with information on the recent vandalism of the Girvan Harbour toilets.

Photo: South Ayrshire Council

The damage not only brings disruption to those who use the facilities but will now cost the Council over £1,000 to repair.

South Ayrshire Council said:

"As you can see from the photographs, the damage was extensive and will cost upwards of £1000 to repair. The toilets will be closed until the repairs are completed, resulting in disruption to those who use the facilities, and a loss of income.

"Vandalism affects everyone in our communities, and is a crime.

Photo: South Ayrshire Council

"We want South Ayrshire to be a better place to live and work for all, and we need to work together to make this happen.

"If you have any information on the recent vandalism, please contact us on 0300 123 0900."


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