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Wrap Up Warm! February Will Bring Even Worse Weather Than January!

Some parts of the country are set to receive temperatures of -10C this February as the cold bites Britain.

(Pic - January's cold snap is set to return with a vengeance as we enter February.)

Some parts of the country such as Cumbria and Scotland suffered from temperatures as low as -5C this month and they could plummet even lower towards -10C.

But in a stark contrast, more southern areas will potentially see highs of up to 13C for the first few days of February before they fall back down to between 6-8C which is normal for this time of year.

The Department of Health has warned that the cold conditions will worsen winter illnesses such as flu and chest diseases and urged people to wrap up warm.

But at least after all this cold weather we have the promise of spring and then summer to look forward to!

Roll on sunshine and warm weather...


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