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Astoria Cinema Unveils Restored Historic Tiles

Amid Modern Updates in a blend of nostalgia and innovation, the Astoria Cinema has announced the completion of its recent renovation project, which notably includes the restoration of its iconic historic tiles.

PIC - Astoria Ayr

These tiles, fondly remembered by generations of cinema-goers who once queued alongside them for the Saturday Morning Pictures, have been carefully preserved as part of the cinema's efforts to maintain its cherished heritage while modernising its facilities.

The restoration work extends to the cinema's low-level canopy lighting, which has been updated to enhance the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of the building's exterior.

This careful preservation of the past, coupled with an eye towards the future, highlights the Astoria Cinema's commitment to providing a unique and memorable experience for its patrons.

The cinema's management expressed their excitement about the project's completion, stating, "We're pleased to have restored these tiles while modernizing our low-level canopy lighting.

Do you remember queuing next to them whilst going to Saturday Morning Pictures back in the day?

The restoration of the tiles not only revives a piece of the cinema's history but also serves as a tangible connection to the past for the local community and longtime visitors.

The Astoria Cinema's initiative has been met with enthusiasm from our readers, who appreciate the effort to preserve the cinema's historical elements while ensuring a modern and comfortable viewing experience.

Martin Dowey, Leader of South Ayrshire Council told ADN,

“It's important that we encourage and support any new business coming into Ayrshire, we wish Astoria the best for the future.


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