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Ayr Central shines a light on mental health with pop up ‘You Central’ body positive event

Ayr Central and local Ayrshire charity, Ayr Action for Mental Health are setting up a "Body Positive Zone' in the middle of the shopping centre ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 to promote body positivity, reduce stigma and to encourage talking about mental health at any location.

The theme of this year’s awareness week is Body Image - how we think and feel about our bodies. Last year the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. That’s almost 1 in every 3 people.

The ‘You Central’ event will occupy Skye Square at the Ayr Central on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May 2019 from 11am until 3pm. Over the weekend a team of stylists, beauty and mental health professionals will be on hand to help local shoppers be bold, confident, happy and beautiful. The skilled team will help event visitors explore their own individual style and celebrate being body positive.

The event, open to all, also features a state of the art photo set up to allow shoppers to snap pictures of themselves and add their voice to The Mental Health Foundation's ‘Be Body Kind’ initiative.

The push designed to combat stigma and promote positivity is asking everybody across the UK to simply post on social media a picture of a time or a place when they felt comfortable in their own skin – using the hashtags #BeBodyKind and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

The team from local charity Ayr Action for Mental Health also hope they can encourage people to get advice on having good mental health. Shoppers will be able to enjoy complimentary tea, coffee and cake and get tips on looking after their mental health at all times. The Charity will also have a host of information on mental health services in Ayrshire and about activities in the local community that can support someone’s wellbeing.

George Reader, centre manager, Ayr Central: “Mental Health Awareness Week is hugely beneficial to reduce stigma and the activity at Ayr Central aims to provide a focus for those people seeking help or advice regarding any mental health concerns they may have.

Our ‘You Central’ event is designed to celebrate individuality and raise awareness of this year's theme of body positivity!

We are mindful that the retail setting can be very much body and clothing-focused. Having both our customers and the team that work within the Centre be more thoughtful of body image and its impact on mental health - has to have a positive impact."

For more information on Ayr Central ‘You Central’ event visit


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