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South Ayrshire Council has decided to cancel Ayr's Lights switch on that was set to go ahead in Ayr High street this sunday due to adverse weather conditions.

According to SAC, the event will NOT be re-staged but the lights WILL GO LIVE on the normal time of the switch on, being 6pm on Sunday.

The council has put out the following statement regarding the cancellation of the event, please read.

South Ayrshire Council - "Due to the adverse weather conditions and extremely high winds forecast for Sunday, we regret that the Ayr Christmas Lights Switch-On on Sunday 15 November has been cancelled. "Every effort has been made to ensure the event went ahead, but we cannot take any chances with public safety - and the predicted wind-speeds would impact on this. "We are as disappointed as all of you planning to come along and we apologise to everyone who won't get the chance to kick off the festive season as planned. "Safety must be our utmost priority and we wanted to let you know about the cancellation at the earliest opportunity. "The event will not be restaged - and the lights will 'go live' at 6pm on Sunday as scheduled - just not in the way we thought. "We're sorry for any disruption this may cause."

Ayrshire Daily News CAN confirm there has been no change to the Ayr Central switch on event, which will be held under the new BIG CANOPY at the shopping centre.


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