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Ayr Station Hotel – lane closure on A70

As part of the ongoing public safety work at the privately owned Station Hotel in Ayr, an inspection is set to be carried out on the gable wall of the building just off Burns Statue Square.

Station Hotel Ayr
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In order to carry out the inspection, one lane of the A70 which runs over the railway bridge towards Holmston Road and Station Road will be closed temporarily from tomorrow (7th July 2018). The section of the pavement which runs adjacent to the road will also be closed on a temporary basis.

The inspection to assess the gable end will form part of the overall structural survey which the Council is undertaking to obtain a detailed report on the condition of the building.

Trains are expected to run as normal, however the temporary pavement closure may affect passengers making their way to and from platform 4. Since the closure of the main entrance, some passengers have been using the pavement next to the A70 as an alternative route.

Network Rail and Scotrail have been informed of the partial road closure and we are working with them to ensure passengers can get to and from the various platforms as easily and as safely as possible.

Donald Gillies, Director – Place at South Ayrshire Council said: “We’re linking with our partners to limit disruption to the public; however these inspections and subsequent works are necessary at this time. As we get a clearer picture of the condition of the building further restrictions may be necessary to keep rail users and the wider public safe.

“We will continue to track the work carried out on the privately owned building with a view to recovering the costs of these works from the owners.”


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