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Ayr United face legal threats over clubs badge | Sports

Ayr United football club has been threatened with legal action after being told that their badge breaks ancient heraldic law.

The Football club are accused of breaking the law - which dates back to King Charles II, as their crest is deemed to be an unregistered coat of arms.

The Scottish League One leaders’ badge is a shield with scroll bearing the team’s name along with a saltire - all of which fall foul of the ancient legislation.

It is understood that the legal threat is the result of a complaint by a rival team’s fan to the ancient Court of Lord Lyon.

Ayr United must now submit to the ancient Court of Lord Lyon to redraw their badge and face a fight to keep the saltire on the crest.

Changes wouldn't come into place until 2017/18 because the club have now ordered the new seasons strips.

Tracy McTrusty, the operations manager at the club, said: “We need to work under strict guidelines to make sure the badge is legal so we’re thinking we might need to slightly alter the shape of it or do a full redesign.

“We’re trying to look at the positives for now. We can use this as an opportunity to rebrand ourselves and ask any fans who are good graphic designers to come up with a new logo.

“It would cost £3,000 to register the crest as a coat of arms but we’re told it probably wouldn’t happen because it has a saltire on it and we’re not a national institution.”


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