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Ayrshire Police help Irvine mother in distress

Bamboo canes and sticky back plastic - the tools of the trade for two resourceful Locality Policing Officers called to assist a mother who's baby became locked in a car earlier today.

Just after 9am (on Friday 24th June 2016) the woman was dropping her child off at a nursery in the Harbourside area of Irvine.

On returning to her car the woman placed her baby into the car seat but on closing the door over the vehicle automatically locked with the keys inside. With no spare key the woman became concerned and police were contacted to assist.

Constables McCutcheon and Scott were on patrol nearby when they received the call and attended immediately.

Sergeant Jason Peter of the Irvine Locality Policing Team said "this incident was distressing for the parent and with the assistance of nursery staff officers were able to construct a home made fishing rod and take advantage of a gap in the vehicles sunroof. Showing some skill and determination the keys were recovered and the child rescued from the vehicle uninjured.

"We are committed to keeping people safe and are happy to have reunited mother and baby in this incident today."

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