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Ayrshire set to be warmer than Spain as heatwave arrives from tomorrow!

Ayrshire set to be warmer than Spain as heatwave arrives

From tomorrow temperatures are set to rocket to 21c in Ayrshire as High pressure pushing up from the south takes charge of our weather over the next week and on Monday Ayrshire will be warmer than Spain as low pressure take charge over Spain giving highs of 15c over the pond while Ayrshire will bask in warm sunshine. Tomorrow will kick off the warm temperatures as High pressure pushes over Ayrshire although it wont always be wall to wall sunshine as there remains a risk of isolated thunderstorms later on Sunday afternoon. But in between any storms will see very plesent spells of sunshine with a rather warm breeze along the coast.

(Temperatures of 24c to hit Ayrshire on Monday)

Health risk as humidity and pollen levels rise

High humidity will increase over Ayrshire especially at night with some places seeing 95% at times creating a rather sticky and muggy feeling so you may want to keep your heating off and a window open. Along with high humidity also comes high pollen levels and a bigger risk of isolated storms through next week creating a health risk for Hay fever and Asthma sufferers.

Keep the sun cream handy

Over the next few days temperatures will rocket from Saturdays high of 15c to a rather warm 24c on Monday so never let any cloud or thunderstorms fool you as the suns rays can still burn your skin even if its cloudy. So always keep the sun cream at hand next week as temperatures are expected to average 19c from Tuesday and continue till Friday.

We will keep you update on our Facebook page with Live temperature and pollen forecasts over the next few days!


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