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Ayrshire Weather - Brutal Siberian freeze grips Ayrshire

Freezing fog blanketed large swathes of the UK today sparking travel chaos for thousands of commuters.

Thermometers nosedived to -7C in some regions overnight as chilly air blasted in from Siberia.

Now low pressure from the North Pole is expected to drift southwards bringing even worse savagely cold conditions in the final days January. As Britain braces itself for a Polar plunge engulfing the UK, weather maps show where the mercury will plummet furthest.

Charts from Weather Outlook show the bitter cold spell will plunge Ayrshire into a deep freeze in the coming days.

Rural parts of Ayrshire and carrick can expected sub-zero temperatures hovering around the -3C mark at night as the week draws on.

Simon Keeling, forecaster for Weather Online, wrote:

“High pressure is forecast to be over Scandinavia. This brings the prospects of chilly weather returning to all. Generally dry with eastern areas always tending to be colder. To the west it will be milder at times but the tendency remains for cool conditions.”

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said:

“We are expecting these conditions to last a for a few days to come. It will remain cold with the risk of fog as we remain locked into this blocking pattern which is responsible for the cold, settled weather. There are signs things may become more unsettled and mobile towards the end of the week and this is something we are keeping out eye on. However we are certainly not expecting the weather pattern to change in the next few days.”

Thermometers nudged -7C during the early hours of Monday as swathes of Britain woke under a stifling carpet of fog. Travellers and rush-hour commuters faced mayhem as the country was shrouded in a thick, grimy layer of smog.

Road users were warned to prepare for difficult driving conditions after temperatures sunk to -6.9C in parts overnight.


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