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Break the Silence win the prestigious 2024 Business Excellence Award

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce are thrilled to announce Break the Silence as the

2024 Business Excellence Award Winner.

The award serves as a testament to Break the Silences exceptional achievements

and its enduring commitment to excellence.

Claire Baird, CEO of Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce said of the win;

“All the finalists demonstrated a culture committed to driving performance and

evolving for the future and the judges had a very difficult decision to make.

“Break the Silence having recently been independently accredited by EFQM were

able to evidence continuous improvement in all aspects of their service delivery

focussing on direction, execution and results which led them to being worthy


“A huge congratulations go to the team on being crowned the 2024 Business

Excellence Award Winner.”

This recognition underscores Break the Silene's unwavering dedication to

excellence and its pivotal role in creating a supportive space for those who have

suffered child sexual abuse.

Brian McGilvary, head judge of the 2024 Business Excellence award said;

“Our 2024 winner, Break the Silence has displayed great leadership within their

business as a whole; this accompanied with their strategic direction has enabled

them to deliver positive results for both their client base as well as internally.

“The judges visit to the Break the Silence showcased a highly cohesive team,

where they demonstrated the use of modern technology and their staffs

attention to detail was pivotal to them being crowed as winners.

“Congratulations again from our judging panel to Break the Silence on winning

this prestigious award.

The Business Excellence Award is a prestigious award, hosted by the Ayrshire

Chamber of Commerce. The award recognises businesses who demonstrate

continuous improvement and commitment to excellence.

With thanks to our 2024 Business Excellence Sponsors: People Puzzles, SAS

International, Spirit AeroSystems and UKSE.


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