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Organisers behind Dumfries Town's Firework display have announced today that the event has had to be called off due to the weather that's to be expected on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the display commented - "It is with deep regret that The People’s Project and Dumfries Devorgilla Rotary Club have made the decision to cancel Sunday’s events due to the worsening weather forecast for Sunday afternoon and evening.

We have been monitoring the weather position since early this week, and this morning received an unambiguous forecast from Geoff Monk at The Weather Centre, Laurieston.

A deepening low pressure area will pass up the west coast of Ireland and Scotland from midday Sunday onwards into Monday, accompanied by heavy rain. Even more significantly from the safety aspects of a fireworks display, there will be high winds with gusts to between 40 and 50 mph accompanying the rain.

Clearly the need to cancel is highly disappointing, given the efforts put in by so many to prepare for this, but we have little option given the clarity of the forecast and the potential to endanger volunteers and the public. Postponing within November is simply not an Option, given the Road Closure procedural issues, but we will look to “roll on” our planning and re-arrange for 2016.

A huge thank you to all who have helped with preparations and supporting the Event.”


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