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InstaReady BOUTIQUE will make you individual and confident

Be Individual, Be Confident, that is the message from 20-year-old Caitlin Hunter who has cleverly studied the female fashion market and now wants to build a business in a niche but growing area of the retail fashion industry.

It's a dream built out of passion and creativity and it certainly shows when you walk into her store, almost everything from the floor to ceiling of the interior design has been finished off by herself and close friends, all lending a hand to make a 20-year-old’s dream come true.

The feel is minimalistic and clean with white walls acting as a canvas to present and illuminate fabulous cut designer clothing & accessories without the heavy price tag.

And that is precisely her game plan, a plan that was realised when you buy something, it's life can be limited by the fact you don't want to wear it again and again and you don't want to be the same as everyone else by buying from the major brands.

It's a dilemma she noticed from her friends, who did not want to spend a fortune for an item that might not be worn a lot.

Would it not be great if she could supply amazing designs at an affordable price point and only supply a short run, thus keeping individuality, price and designer feel in one store.

But the vision does not stop there, the next floor is very intimate and couture with underwear & lingerie, allowing you that special place to relax and make your mind up.

To complete your journey there is The Beauty Room specialising in nail and eyelash extensions by Naomi Tagg

So why Prestwick did we ask her? The answer was simple, Prestwick is a fabulous hub for individual creative businesses, offering something different from the mass market, so it's the perfect launchpad for my new boutique.

Caitlin is a testament to young would-be entrepreneurs everywhere, she is the spirit that retail so badly needs. But even more, she proves that no matter what negatively has affected our lives throughout the country, young people can have drive and vision to help overcome, survive and conquer.

You can find Insta Ready Boutique at 125 Main Street Prestwick

Give her a like and good luck on Facebook

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