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New NHS Scotland Covid Status app hit with technical problems on launch day

The new NHS Scotland Covid Status application, which launched last night, has been causing problems to those trying to set it up.

Just one of the many error messages users are presented with

The app which launched on Thursday 30th September at around 5pm has been causing problems with users being presented with various different error messages.

Users are asked to sign up by using either their passport or driving license, introducing a totally different way from the current online vaccination status website.

Upon scanning a photo of your license or passport with your phone, the app then tries to verify the photo in the ID you have scanned - with many reporting that that app is saying it cannot recognise their face on the ID, even though the photo is clear.

Some users are reporting an issue where the app says 'No Match Found' after verifying all details like Name, Date of Birth, Postal Code and even their CHI GP number.

The Scottish Government have responded to the issues reported and have said:

"Some people may be experiencing issues which are likely to be caused by extremely high initial traffic and a large number of users trying to access the app at once.

"We advise people whose data is not found to try again a couple of hours later."

There are some users who aren't even getting to the sign up page as an error message is displayed which says "Something's went wrong. We're working on it."

Another error message

The rules on the vaccination passports won't be enforced now until the 18th of October as the government said it has listened to feedback from businesses and would like to give those time to test the new approach.