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Petition to keep a HMS Gannet Sea King at Prestwick Airport

A PETITION set up by local men Scott Mcilwrick & Ayrshire Daily News reporter Steven Muir, has went viral

The petition that's to try and get a HMS Gannet SAR Sea King helicopter placed as gate guard at Prestwick Airport has went viral with nearly 1,000 signatures online.

The petition says: "Place the Royal Navy's Sea King Helicopter Rescue 177 in front of Glasgow Prestwick Airport as a memorial to its dedicated service for over 30 Years!

"It could proudly serve as stunning scenery on approach to the Airport and will be a constant reminder of ALL the lives the Royal Navy have saved over the years.

"The community and businesses of South Scotland and The Lakes beg the government or Navy to make this possible. She deserves to stay at home."

This petition came around as it was the last flight yesterday for the HMS Gannet Royal Navy team, which is now passed on to H.M Coastguard who will fly the brand new helicopter - shown by our photo below thanks to our photographer Stephen Crawford.

Scott told Ayrshire Daily News: "Everyone know's who they are and what they have served over the past 40 years of service in Ayrshire and beyond.

"The Sea Kings have been based at Prestwick for over 40 years and I feel they are going to be sadly missed now that they have handed over the search and rescue duties.

"By getting a Sea King to be a gate guard would be a fitting tribute to the people that have worked on the helicopters over the years and the bravery of the crews on board."

The petition has many supporters, with many local big names helping and sharing such as Corri Wilson the MP.

How would you like to see this taking off? Sign the petition by CLICKING HERE!