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Power Restored Across Ayr After Major Power Cut Affected The Town

Power was reinstated throughout Ayr around 19:00 this evening following a significant power cut that left the town centre entirely without electricity shortly after 16:30 this afternoon.

Ayr Town Centre

Initially, the power cut affected most areas of Ayr, but power was swiftly restored in numerous places. However, several areas including the Town region, Forehill, Masonhill, Belmont and Kincaidston were left without electricity for just over two hours as Scottish Power endeavoured to resolve the problem.

Full power was finally restored across all affected regions just before 19:00. Numerous businesses, including takeaways and restaurants, used Facebook to announce temporary closures due to the power outage. Many town-based shops also had to shutter their doors earlier than usual.

In addition, supermarkets and petrol stations were also compelled to cease operations during the power outage.

Scottish Power acknowledged on its website that the power cut was unplanned. It promised that power would be restored by 18:45, with engineers dispatched to the site to address the problem.


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