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Prestwick Academy pupils celebrate exam results

It was a nerve-wracking morning for young people across South Ayrshire today (7 August) as they received their exam results after months of hard work and effort.

Five young people from Prestwick Academy took the time to share their results, and their future plans, with local Councillors at the school today as they discussed what the results mean for them – going back to school, moving into further or higher education, taking up training, or getting started in the world of work.

A total of 2,550 young people from South Ayrshire Council schools sat Scottish Qualifications Authority exams this year. At S4, 42% achieved five or more National 5s.  Most young people now stay on beyond S4 so it is encouraging to see that almost two thirds at S5 successfully passed one or more Highers. 

Figures for passes at National 3 and National 4, which don't require an exam, are still being confirmed and will be available later this year.

Councillor William Grant, Lifelong Learning Portfolio Holder for South Ayrshire Council, said: "Today is a day for celebrating the hard work and achievements of our young people, who should all be very proud of their efforts.

“We all know the tremendous amount of work that takes place throughout the year to support our young people. So, I also want to say well done to parents, carers and school staff for the important role they play in helping our young people reach their full potential.

“The results we’re reporting today are only a part of the story, as there’s still a lot of information to come which will give us a clearer picture about what our individual schools have achieved and how we have performed as a local authority. For example, we want to know how well all young people have done, not just those who got straight As.

“We’re also working to ensure that young people have the practical and transferable skills to help with life beyond the classroom and ensure a positive future for every young person in South Ayrshire.”

Looking to the future after receiving their exam results today were the five pupils from Prestwick Academy.

Scarlett Ross (15) will be heading into S5 with a fantastic 4 As and 2 Bs. She said: “I would like to go to university and study musical theatre or history.”

Mark Mulgrew (15) will also be starting S5 with 4 As. He got his top grades in English, Maths, Biology and Physical Education and is keen to get into sports science.

Jaydn Walker (16) is staying on for S6 with 3 As, he is also set to become Head Boy at the school. He hopes to study architecture at Dundee University and said: “I would like to get some work experience before heading to university which will really help my application.”

The McNeil twins who are 16 years of age have 7 As between them. Ryan is looking to do Advanced Highers in Maths and Physics this year and is keeping his options open. Greg wants to get into science and could see himself working in a laboratory.

Prestwick Academy Head Teacher Gordon Bone said: "I’m really impressed with what our young people have achieved again this year. Their determination to succeed – in everything they do – is an inspiration to all of us, and something we can all learn from.

“Our ambition is to ensure our young people leave school with the confidence, skills, knowledge and positive attitude to forge their own paths – whether that’s education, work or training – and I’m excited to see what lies ahead for them.

“We also want them to take our Prestwick values with them – compassion, honesty, responsibility and respect – and to be active and inclusive members of society. Today really is the start of the next chapter of their lives, and I wish them all the very best.”

As always, support and guidance will be available in school for young people as they consider course choices for the coming session, further education or making the transition into work.

The Skills Development Scotland dedicated Exam Results Helpline will also be available from 8am until 8pm on 7 and 8 August, and from 9am until 5pm from 9 until 15 August. The number to call is 0808 100 8000.


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