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Prestwick Airport is playing a vital role in the largest military exercise in Europe

Joint Warrior is a UK tri-service multinational exercise that involves numerous warships, aircraft, marines and troops.

Joint Warrior provides a complex environment in which UK, NATO and allied units can go through training together in tactics and skills for use in a combined joint task force.

The exercise runs through a range of scenarios, including crisis and conflict situations, that could be realistically encountered in operations - disputed territory, terrorist activity, piracy and more.

This massive multinational exercise delivers specialist maritime training, bringing together the theatres of air, surface, underwater and amphibious forces.

Prestwick will be a hive of activity for the next two weeks as the aircraft taking part believed to be Royal Navy Hawks and Merlin Anti Submarine Helicopters.

There is also blue jets from a company called Cobham plc which has a fleet of six Dassault Falcon 20s with most being based at Prestwick for the exercise Cobham's Dassault Falcon 20s are retrofitted aircraft that can fly electronic countermeasure flights for the Royal Air Force and other NATO air forces.

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These aircrafts can be found on exercise especially practice Quick Reaction Alert flights for the RAF to intercept. The Cylde coast will also have a variaty of ships from various NATO partners and will be visible along the Ayrshire coastline from time to time.


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