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True Grit – Sorn Community Council joins local winter resilience plan

Sorn Community Council, in partnership with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA), has become the latest community group to join the East Ayrshire Community Resilience programme – and have issued a rallying call to other local Community Councils, groups and individuals to get involved.

For the last four years, every Community Council and relevant community group has been contacted by ARA to volunteer in their own community resilience programme.

Sorn joins nine other groups which have taken up the offer:




Dunoon Avenue

Longpark – Arness Court


Newton (Kilmarnock)


New Cumnock

On joining, each group receives a portable pavement gritter, a lockable grit bin, snow shovels, yellow jackets, safety gear, access to a weather service and full training.

Councillor Jim McMahon, East Ayrshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Older People and Community Safety said: “In winter weather, it is impossible for ARA to grit every single road and path on demand, as they are obliged to prioritise safety on principal routes and networks first.

“This is where the community resilience scheme comes into its own.

“We have a team of fantastic local volunteers in ten areas who give up a little time to help grit paths when the weather turns wintry.

“They do an excellent job and their efforts are well appreciated by us and their local communities – hey really do make a difference in their neighbourhoods.

“I’d urge other local Community Councils and groups to join the resilience scheme and help keep our local paths gritted and safe.”


Find out more on what to do and who to contact in adverse weather conditions here.

Who is responsible for which road?

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is responsible for providing the winter roads service which includes carrying out its statutory obligation under Section 34 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 to “take such steps as it considers reasonable, to prevent snow and ice endangering the safe passage of pedestrians and vehicles over public roads.”

ARA is responsible for the adopted local roads network.

Scotland TranServ is responsible for the A76 and A77 trunk roads.

Connect Roads is responsible for the M77 Motorway

The gritting routes are available at the following link. (Gritting Routes)

Salt levels

The total salt storage level is kept at a minimum of 4,900 tonnes, except during December and January when this increases. The current salt stock level is approximately 10,000 tonnes, with more salt on order.

Grit bins

ARA maintains approximately 495 grit bins. More information can be found here: (Grit Bin Policy).

Weather forecasts and gritting treatments

During winter, details of the weather forecast and the treatments are available on (Twitter) and on the council website (Winter Information) as well as on local radio and, where appropriate, local press.


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