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Westminster Attack - South Ayrshire Council flies flags at half-mast

Flags at South Ayrshire Council's headquarters – County Buildings in Ayr – are flying at half-mast today (23 March) to commemorate the terrorist attack in London yesterday and to honour the injured and those who lost their lives.

South Ayrshire Provost Helen Moonie said: "Yesterday's events in London were a senseless and unwarranted attack on the freedom, democracy and values that we hold dear within the United Kingdom. "The thoughts and prayers of the people of South Ayrshire are with all those affected, especially those who lost their loved ones. "It's shocking that lives could be taken so cruelly as people went about their daily business or – in the case of PC Palmer – doing the job he loved to keep others safe. "We must stand tall in the face of such attacks and show that we are united and will not allow our values, freedom and humanity to be undermined."


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