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Two 17-Year-Old Teens Charged Following Station Hotel Ayr Fire

Updated: May 29, 2023

TWO 17-year-old teens have been arrested and charged following a blaze at an abandoned hotel in Ayr, which brought about considerable disruption to railway services.

Following the outbreak of the fire at the erstwhile Ayr Station Hotel, shortly past 15:30 on Sunday, emergency services accompanied by seven fire engines were swiftly mobilised to the scene, alongside the large emergency response unit vehicle.

ScotRail affirmed that Ayr railway station, incorporated within the same building complex, was immediately cleared as a preventative measure.

The fire caused the power to be shut off to overhead lines, which led to disruptions in train services going to Glasgow, Largs, and Ardrossan.

The accused teenagers are set to present themselves at the Ayr Sheriff Court at an undetermined forthcoming date.

Police Scotland disclosed that a report has been lodged with the procurator fiscal, and the case remains under active scrutiny with further investigations being conducted.


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