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Ardrossan coastguard respond to suspicious item found on Stevenston Beach


The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team was called out shortly after 5pm today following reports of a suspect item being found on Stevenston Beach.

The team responded immediately and on arrival were met by the first informant who had marked off the area in question. The first informant had been on the beach with his family with a recently purchased metal detector when they had a positive hit under the sand. After some digging, they partially uncovered a long metal object which they could not identify.

On closer investigation by the team, the object which had been buried in the sand was confirmed to be an old piece of metal which had been there for a prolonged period of time. The item was removed from the beach by the team to avoid any future finds by metal detector enthusiasts.

In this instance, the object proved to be harmless however the first informant done the right thing by immediately dialing 999 and asking for the Coastguard when they uncovered something on the beach which they could not identify.

With the better weather (hopefully) on the horizon and more people heading to the beach for exercise we would urge everyone to follow these simple pieces of advice if they find something on the beach which they believe could be a maritime distress flare or possible ordnance:

· Do not touch or move the item

· Keep a safe distance at all times

· Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard immediately

· Provide as much information as possible including exact location.

It is not uncommon for suspect items to be washed up along the coast especially following spells of bad weather. If you are venturing for a walk along the coast for exercise in line with the current COVID restrictions then please take care, stay safe and if in doubt – get us out.

Search and Rescue – it’s what we do.

In a coastal, beach or cliff emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.


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