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Ayr ASDA Worker Praised After Phoning for an Ambulance When Elderly Woman Fell Outside Supermarket

Caring Asda colleague Gina has been praised for phoning for an ambulance and giving first aid to an elderly couple who fell outside our Ayr store while walking their two dogs.

Gina, who is service section leader, was ordering her breakfast at the café when she looked out the window and noticed the lady was unsteady on her feet and as her husband tried to help her, he also lost his balance and fell. She immediately ran out to help the couple and called for a colleague to help too. Gina said: “By the time we got out they had got to a bench, but had some cuts and bruising. I phoned an ambulance and began to dress their wounds, while trying to reassure the couple and keep them calm. Thankfully their injuries were minor. They came back into store a few days later to thank me and I felt so relieved to see they were okay as the situation could have been much worse.” Suzanne, the store's George and GM trading manager, said: “Gina is an asset to our team. She works so hard and is great with our customers. We are all so proud of her for helping this couple. Well done, Gina!”


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