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Ayrshire Embarks on Ambitious Active Travel Route Development

Ayrshire is setting the stage for a transformative travel initiative with the introduction of over one hundred miles of new Active Travel routes, collectively termed the Ayrshire Link.

This significant undertaking spans South and East Ayrshire and represents the region's pioneering effort to encourage sustainable and healthy modes of transportation.

A construction site with heavy machinery including a yellow excavator and two yellow dumpers, one loaded with dirt. The ground is uneven with visible tire tracks, and piles of soil are scattered around the site. The background is bordered by green trees, and there's a cloudy sky overhead. A safety cone is visible to the left, emphasizing the work zone.

The announcement aligns with recent research from the National Transport Authority in Ireland, which underscores the positive impacts of Active Travel schemes beyond expectations. The findings suggest that dedicated infrastructure for walking and cycling can mitigate traffic congestion, cut emissions, enhance air quality, bolster public health, and make the roads safer for pedestrians. The study further indicates that these advantages are amplified when the schemes incorporate traffic calming measures, such as lower speed limits and elevated crossings at junctions.

The initiative is being driven forward by the Ayrshire Road Alliance, a public sector partnership between the Councils of South and East Ayrshire. Their mission is to establish a comprehensive and accessible network of trails and routes from Girvan to Lugton, featuring fifteen different routes in various stages of planning and development.

David Manson, Special Project Officer at the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, shared his enthusiasm about the project's progression:

“We have an exciting year ahead as the Ayrshire Link takes off with lots of activity underway and new routes in the pipeline. We’re also working on developing a new website that will make it easy for people to see at a glance the work that’s going on as well as plan their walking or cycling journeys and have access to lots of great resources.”

Supporting the Ayrshire Link, Sweco, a consultancy specialising in design, engineering, and regulatory practices aimed at enhancing societal sustainability, plays a key coordination role.

The project has secured funding from a variety of sources, including the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, South Ayrshire Council, Sustrans, Transport Scotland, East Ayrshire Council, and SPT.

For further information on the Ayrshire Link and to keep abreast of its developments, the public is encouraged to visit or call 0800 987 5990.


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