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Ayrshire Facility Management celebrates growth and its journey towards a sustainable future to date

Friday 17th June was a big day for Regency Facilities Management (FM) a Prestwick-based commercial cleaning company turned facilities management.

Regency FM hosted a celebratory networking event to mark their transition to an FM company and also to celebrate their company’s achievements to date. Among the guests were Sharon Dowey MSP, Councillor Martin Kilbride, various businesses and organisations, and the wider community who came out to celebrate Regency’s success. Ayrshire Cancer Support, FFU Scotland CIC, and Employability & Skills (Thriving Communities) were also present on the day. On the day Regency shared a brief history of the company with its guests about the transformation that led to its exponential growth which was contracts with South, East, and North Ayrshire Council, Sodexo/Police Scotland, and more.

They also shared their contributions and plans toward a more sustainable future; which consisted of supporting and bringing the community together through collaborative and partnership work and working towards a more diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace. Regency’s work within the community greatly impressed many of their guests as that’s one side of the company many of their guests weren’t familiar with. Some of their major works within the community over the years have included a corporate partnership with Ayrshire Cancer Support, supporting FFU Scotland CIC, sponsoring Cash4Kids West FM 5k a Day in May, and Glenburn Football Club. Moreover, throughout the year Regency has been delivering various kinds of gifts to local schools and during Covid, they helped deliver more than 250 food packages every week, over 13 weeks during the lockdown. Furthermore, over the years, Regency has been working closely with Employability & Skills Scotland to provide work opportunities for young people across Ayrshire.

They were also enrolled in the government Kickstart Scheme. Not only do Regency provide work to young people, but they also invest in them by providing training opportunities to upskill them. Regarding the success of the event, Keith Glass the Managing Director said “I can’t thank everyone enough for their love and support. The turnout was more than I had hoped for and seeing everyone together and knowing that we made it possible was just incredible. Over the last couple of months and the days leading up to the event, I saw my team pour everything into this event while doing their everyday job. I couldn’t have asked for a better team”.   Alison McColl, the Managing Director of FFU Scotland CIC, who was recently awarded the Platinum Jubilee Champions Award said: ‘It was fantastic to be part of such a great morning. We are proud to have an association with Regency. They are one of the most supportive, caring, and community-minded businesses we have ever encountered. Nothing is too much, the level of diligence and drive is second to none, across the team. FFU Scotland was initially crucially supported when they lost their premises last year, to store all assets, however, the relationship has now developed, and we look forward to some strategic community partnership work with Regency soon.   Sharon Dowey MSP commended Regency for all their works within the community and as a whole, she said “It was great to be part of this event celebrating a local Ayrshire business. Regency has evolved over the years into a company with big contracts while having a positive impact on Ayrshire communities. It is a nationally recognised company that brings so much to the local economy and community. Their growth serves as an example of how a company in Ayrshire may develop and have an impact. This success should, and hopefully will serve as a model for other small businesses in the area. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of Regency employees and you could tell their excitement for what they do. I’d like to thank everyone at Regency for the kind invitation to their event; I had a great time and was pleased to speak about their success. I wish them the best of luck in their endeavours.”


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